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Guys no joke wedding planning is super hard! However, I think most of you already know that. The joy and excitement of getting engaged, and starting to plan a wedding quickly turns into work when you realize how much there is to actually plan. Wedding planning is incredibly stressful. Some pretty important details can slip through the cracks if you aren't meticulous about how to keep track of everything. I wanted to give you a few tips on guiding you through the craziness, and hopefully save your sanity along the way.

In my expert opinion the key to a successful event execution is to first look at your finances to create a rock solid plan on your budget. How much money do you have, what are you willing to shell out on your wedding day, and who else will be contributing to the day? Keep two separate budget sheets, one for all of the small details such as gifts for the bridal party, gifts for the parents, welcome bags, champagne flutes, accessories , etc., all of these small items really add up, you should keep track of these in a separate spreadsheet, and realize they are a part of the budget. Second, keep track of spending of all of the big stuff venue cost, vendors, catering, rentals, officiant fees, ceremony site fees. These will take up the biggest portion of your budget, but you don't want to over extend when forgetting about the smaller details. Set up the spreadsheet so that every time you pay for something wedding related it subtracts from your budget. Stress level 0!

Guest list, from the budget this is were you want to decide how many people you can actually afford to invite to your wedding. You cannot invite 300 people and only have budget of $10k, it ain't happenin sista! Be realistic about your numbers. This is a bit of honesty rolled into a lot of experience, when you look back on your wedding in 10 years, the most important people you want at your wedding are the ones who have already begun to share your life with you and your fiancé, and the ones you know will always be there for you guys. If you have never met that coworker of your mom's that needs to be invited because your mom got invited to their daughters wedding, X them off the list and move on. It is your wedding day, and although inviting your mom's best friend that has watched you grow up is uber important, having strangers at your wedding is not worth it!

Find the venue that fits your wedding style, your guest count, and makes you feel like that is the place of your wedding dreams. Ask the right questions, and make sure the venue is going to meet almost all of your expectations.

Vendors are a dime a dozen, but if you are looking for high quality vendors that are going to deliver on their promise and give you the ultimate wedding experience; take the words, best deal, lowest price, and budget friendly out of your vocabulary. These words will get you the wedding nightmare of your dreams, and probably some pretty bad feelings. Just because a vendor may seem out of your price point does not mean you need to nix them all together, most of the amazing vendors in the wedding industry can find a way to work within your given budget, and still deliver on high performance. You may not get the 8' tall centerpieces you always dreamt off, but the quality florist can pretty much guide you in the direction of the look you like, with a few changes, and some creativity. Hey, you may love the look a lot more than the original. Give your vendors a chance, and meet with them! I am not talking about wasting a vendors time if you already know you are going to create your own portion of that specific part of your wedding or that they are way outside your budget. Decide which vendors are the most important, I always tell my clients to pick their top 3, and proceed from there.

Your wedding planner. Your wedding planner should feel like they just saved your life, ok not your life life your wedding life, from the initial consultation. Knowledge is key to a wedding planners job, and making sure your wedding planner has that knowledge should be your first priority. Do they make you feel comfortable, do they ask a lot of questions, can they show you work they have done, and reviews from previous clients. Is the wedding planner caring, and relaxed, or do they give you a sense of urgency and alarm? A good wedding planner will put you at ease even in the initial consultation, they won't giveaway all of their trade secrets right away, but they will fill you in with bits of wedding knowledge that you haven't even thought of yet. I have had brides come to me, usually about one month prior to the wedding, wondering why their bridesmaid is telling them they should be more stressed. They ask are we sure we have everything, I gently remind them that most likely their bridesmaid did not have a wedding planner, and that we have everything handled!

Asking your bridal party. This is an exciting time to ask the people who are the most important to stand by your side. Ask in a way that means something, how did you meet that person? where did you meet? what is the one thing you enjoy doing together? ask them to be your important person with something unique that brings out the connection you two have. No, not everyone needs to be asked the same way. Also, nix the traditional, do you have a brother that you are super close with? Why not have him stand on your side. Make it fun!

Relax, your wedding is a very special day, and your marriage is the most special of all! Take the time to enjoy being engaged, don't get so drastically caught up in the details that you forget what it is really all about. Making your day memorable doesn't need to drive you crazy as long as you put your wedding in the rights hands. I could write all day about this topic, but I think I will leave it here for now, if you have any wedding planning questions feel free to leave a comment, or email me Good luck and congratulations to you and your fiancé!



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