One day you decide to start playing soccer, and you find that you are absolutely astonished by how much you love the sport. I mean you take the time to research new moves, you research exactly how the game is suppose to be played, you practice constantly. After one game you score a goal, that very moment you decide you want to be a soccer coach; You want to help others achieve the success that you just accomplished, and you want others to bypass the mistakes you made. However, you can't just wake up one day, call yourself a soccer coach, and start coaching. You have to dedicate yourself to education, soccer camps, courses on how to become the best coach, and then you can coach your first soccer game.

This is how I got into the planning business, one of those cliche, I planned my own wedding, and I want to be wedding planner. However, I did not just start calling myself a wedding planner. When you fall madly in love with your calling, you get a desire to obtain the highest knowledge and understanding of it. I took the time to research the business, to educate myself, I planned things out, I received a certification with the Bridal Society, and I took the time to make sure I could be the best planner for my clients. Fast forward almost two years later, and I have built my own business. This job has taken me places I would have never gone previously, it has put me in situations that have taken me out of my comfort zone, it has helped me to achieve my goals, and it has given me the ability to meet and work with some pretty incredible people. I have been able to help my clients have beautiful events, and that is what makes me happy. I enjoy helping others, and this job allows me to do that every single day!

I want to start out by saying this is not a blog to sell you on my planning business, I am writing this to educate you on the importance of a planner, and hopefully saving you a lot of stress on your next event. Whether you are planning a wedding, a sweet 16 birthday party for your daughter, a corporate event showing your support for your team, or a small gathering of your closest friends. You will put so much of yourself into planning the event. You will take the time to research your vendors, come up with a vision for your event, set a budget, you might even buy or make decorations. Imagine having someone by your side throughout this whole process. Someone you can depend on to help you make decisions, to make sure you are sticking to your budget, to make sure you are getting top of the line vendors, someone to listen to you that loves your event just as much as you do. A planner can do all of this and more.

I am going to use a wedding as an example. Your significant other just asked you to marry him, you are so excited to plan your wedding. You go and buy a planning book, you start your research, choose colors, you know you want 5 of your closest friends to stand up with you, you start looking at venues, vendors, food selection, invitations, the list goes on,,,,..and BAM!! This overwhelming feeling hits you. How can you possibly do all of this research, make all of these decisions, and find time to actually have a life, while working your regular 40-60 hour a week job? You can't! no one can. Except someone who has taken on a full time career in planning,

A planner can help you with everything, they are your fairy god mother, A planner makes things happen. One day you will open your inbox to find three new messages of set meetings, vendor referrals, all of the research done for you, and the overwhelming feeling gone. A planner can fix any problem. we can answer any question, and if we can't, we have lots of connections to find the best answer for you. We are your go between for the day of your special event so you are not bothered with anything, we make sure vendors are where they should be, we create timelines for everyone, and we know your vision so we make sure things are done to your standards. Planners can even help you save money! A great planner will know their clients goals, visions, personality, and will make sure their client's event is nearly perfect.

My advice to you, take time to research an event planner, meet with them, and make sure they match your personality, Take the time to explain your goals, and your visions. Ask a lot of questions, and find the right fit for you, and your event.

Here at White Orchid Weddings & Event Planning we strive to create events that are unique to our client's, we take the time to get to know each person, and we do everything to take the mundane tasks off their shoulders so that they can have a stress free day. If you have any questions on planning your next event please contact us. We have complimentary consultations.

However, if we are not the right fit for you, we have friends in the industry we would be happy to refer you to.

P.S. - Your mom, aunt, sister, bestie, and cousin will love you for it, I promise!!


White Orchid Weddings & Event Planning

Let us W.O.W you!!

The Bridal Society is the nation's leader in wedding planning certification and training.

Photo courtesy Ryan Davis Photography.

Venue: Rockford Prairie Street Brewhouse

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