Being a makeup artist in the makeup industry for many years, and creating all different bridal looks; I know how much makeup plays a huge role in pulling the entire bridal look together. I always recommend hiring a professional makeup artist, but I understand that sometimes budgets do not allow for this, Here are just a few key tips to help you achieve that flawless wedding look:

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize: I am not just talking about the day of your wedding. If you do not have these set in stone in your everyday beauty routine, start now! Without these three things, there is no such thing as a flawless makeup application,

Get a trial run: If it takes 5 makeup applications to get the right look, then by all means bring the makeup artist lunch and a latte. All kidding aside, take all the time you need to get that perfect look for your wedding day. If you are not comfortable with the artist, move on, and find someone you are comfortable with.

Eyes first!

Eyeshadow primer: Never ever apply shadow without this little pot of gold. This will help bring out the pigment in the eyeshadow, and hold the shadow in place all day.

Eyeshadow: On your special day you want to look like a glamorized version of yourself. If you have never worn a vibrant blue shadow, do not start this new look on your wedding day. Choose the colors you wear most often, and darken or lighten them up for the look you want to wear on your wedding day,

Eye liner: There are so many beautiful looks you can pull off with this, do your research and try some different styles. You might actually fall in love with that winged look. you thought you could never pull off.

Mascara: One word- Waterproof. Oh wait, two words- Primer (yes this is not just for your face, it helps to volumize, condition, and makes those lashes long)

Brow pencil: Girl, even if you have never used this before it is a must for your special day. Fill those babies in, you will not regret it!

Then face:

Face Primer: this is a base that will help hold your makeup in place all day, from the I do's, all the way to the very last dance.

Concealer: (your best friend), always, always make sure this matches your skintone, and apply only in areas that need it. example: under eyes, red spots, blemishes.

Foundation: There are tons of options when it comes to foundation, I recommend one with a photo finish, medium to full coverage. The most important thing is that it matches your skin tone, if you want to look darker use a bronzer (sparingly of course)

Blush: This is the tricky part, you want to apply this heavier than you would on any normal occassion. Not so much that you look like you are applying for clown school, but enough that you could be auditioning for a musical. Cameras and lights tend to wash the face out so... Layer, layer, layer.

Bronzer: Brush around the outside area of your face, the sides of your nose. and jaw line.

Pucker up:

Lip Liner: Line those beautiful lips to give you definition, and hold your lip stick or gloss in place.

Lip Stick, Lip Gloss- Whatever you chose make sure to balance the look. If you are doing a deep smoky eye, pick a lighter lipstick, a soft shadow look calls for a lot darker lip color. If you are getting your makeup professionally done, always buy the lip look, you will want to reapply throught the day.


Always apply the above with a brush, this will make a world of difference on the application and final look.

If you do not usually splurge on higher end cosmetics, today is the day! If you can only splurge on a few, I highly recommend the eyeshadow, lip look, and foundation.

Remember makeup is to help accentuate the beauty you already have, your signifcant other is marrying the everyday you. Enjoy your day, and you will look absolutly stunning no matter what!


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