Brides and Grooms can all get a little overwhelmed with planning a huge event, like a wedding, and the advice we get is not always relevant. I would like to share a few simple Wedding Day Tips to help you and your fiancé plan your special day.

1. Hire a Wedding Planner; Wedding Planners can help you with every single wedding task you face. They will be your advocate, help with other vendors, be a mediator between what you want and what your family wants, and help you stay at ease throughout the entire process of planning your one special day. Keep in mind that everything I list on this page a wedding planner will do for you, and so much more.

2. Create a timeline so that everyone will know what is expected of them on the wedding day. Give this list to everyone, the bridal party, hair stylists, photographer, bakery, DJ etc.

3. Make a binder; label it with all the wedding vendors. Keep all contracts, important emails, notes, and anything else of importance in there. It will be helpful reference for you throughout the planning process, and even the day of the wedding.

4. Pinterest; there is nothing wrong with creating a vision board. I warn my brides though, you are creating your once in a lifetime wedding, when you look back you want it to be a reminder of you and your fiancé. Create a unique experience for your guests, and I guarantee you will be so much happier when you look back on your special day.

5. Cocktail hour; it is very important for your guests to have food during cocktail hour. Your guests drove to your ceremony site, sat through your ceremony, and will wait another hour for you to finish pictures. Guests will appreciate food and drink at this time. Also, do not forget about you and the bridal party, this has been a long day for everyone, food and water will keep everyone happy.

6. Talk to your photographer about pictures you truly want, I am not talking about dictating every photograph that will be taken. However, if you want a picture with your great aunt, your dad seeing you for the first time, or you and the flower girl, make sure to have those on a list so the photographer knows those shots are very important to you.

7. Dealing with difficult family; this is a tricky one. All I want you to remember is this is your special day, a day that is devoted to the love between you and your fiancé. It is not about your family, friends, or having a big party, it is about building a future and having everyone you love wish you well in it. Do not worry about the small things, and as long as you and your fiancé are on the same page nothing else will matter that day.

8. Have a backup plan and be flexible; rain happens, things happen, be open to change on your wedding day. Therefore, keep an open mind, try to think of possible things that could go wrong, and get a handle on it before the actual wedding day.

9. Take a few minutes after pictures right before the reception, to spend a few minutes of alone time with your new bride or groom. This will give you both a few minutes to enjoy what just took place, and talk about what you have to look forward to. This is a special time, and something you can never get back. Enjoy each other for a few moments.

10. Most importantly; your wedding day will be over in a blink of an eye. Take time to relax, eat, look around, and take it all in. This is the day you have dreamt of your entire life, and you have the one person that makes you complete, take the time to enjoy all the hard work you two have put into planning this day.

Congratulations to you both and best of luck in your future!!

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