Hey Stacy here, I am the owner/creator of White Orchid Weddings & Event Planning. An exclusive planner to Rockford, Lake Geneva, and Southern Wisconsin.

Most people ask me how I got started in the business of planning weddings, it is a long story that I promise to tell you when we meet for coffee.  But mostly it was having some rather unforeseen circumstances and some inexperienced experiences happen in the process of planning and executing my own wedding.  I fell in love with the logistics of planning, I am seriously your girl if you can't figure out that crazy wedding timeline or how things are going to run perfectly on your special day.  I have always been in the industry of helping people, this job fulfills that passion for me.  

If you are looking for a professional, kind, passionate, logistics driven planner/coordinator I am the person for you!  

Here is my promise to you: 

Wedding and event planning can be an overwhelming experience if you do not have the right professional to turn to; that is why I am fully committed to helping couples plan a unique and memorable day.  I can be there from the very beginning, and everywhere in-between. My promise is to give you professional, honest, exceptional, thoughtful, quality service. 

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that you can not always do everything on your own. Figure out, as my client, what your planning strengths are and I will create a package that guides you without stepping on those strengths. 

Let White Orchid Weddings & Event Planning give you a worry-free experience so you can enjoy your special day, and feel like a guest at your own event. 

Let us W.O.W you!